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Jay Irwin

Albums by Jay Irwin

Jay Irwin Yesterday's Turnips/Our Bust Up

Jay Irwin — Yesterday's Turnips/Our Bust Up

Released 10/15/2003
  1. Dynamite Candles (Parachutes, High Cliffs, And Handguns) 4:05
  2. Yesterday's Turnips (Hush Puppy Streetcars) 3:18
  3. Love's A Rental Buick (Drive, Drive, Drive) 4:54
  4. Nineteenth Street (The Driveways These Days) 4:07
  5. The Churchbells Of Richmond (One Day Older-With A Flag On My) 3:17
  6. Shower Hat (ICEBERG!!) 4:01
  7. The Streetlight Knew My Name (A Good Rain) 2:43
  8. The Rainbow's End (Birds And Snakes) 3:24
  9. Amish Boy (All I'm Gonna Do Is Nod And Smile) 6:17
  10. The Cambridge Working Class 5:31