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Christ Analogue

Albums by Christ Analogue

Christ Analogue Everyday Is Distortion
Christ Analogue In Radiant Decay (2012)
Christ Analogue The Bitcrusher Remixes

Christ Analogue — The Bitcrusher Remixes

Released 1/1/2007
  1. Sore (Bit-Drop Mix By Rey Guajardo) 3:37
  2. Ana (A Hole In The District Of Columbia Mix By Wade Alin) 3:43
  3. Sore (Headache Mix By Headache) 3:53
  4. Piss 3:43
  5. So Brand New (The Denver Incident Mix By Sister Machine Gun) 6:32
  6. Hemisphere (In 4 Easy Parts For Fat People Mix By De-Fragmentati 3:52
  7. Sore (Tussin Rub Mix By Monstrum Sepsis) 5:38
  8. Sore (Manifest One Mix By Shok) 4:20
  9. Impure (Penal Colony Funktravox Mix By D. Madden) 4:16
  10. A Slight Rage (Pti Downmix By Pti) 5:14
  11. A Slight Rage (An Evening With The Starfuckers Mix By Wade Alin 4:27
  12. A Slight Rage (Lasseration Mix By Rey Guajardo) 4:05
  13. Sustain (Minor Solution Mix By Cylab) 3:59
  14. Breathe 3:13
  15. Sore (Pacific Mix By Shok) 5:53