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Jennifer Licko

Albums by Jennifer Licko

Jennifer Licko Cave Of Gold
Jennifer Licko Celtic Moonsongs For Sydney
Jennifer Licko Language Of The Gaels

Jennifer Licko — Language Of The Gaels

Released 1/1/2003
  1. Claire In Heaven 3:59
  2. The Belfast Mill 2:55
  3. Hornpipe Set-The Sweeps Hornpipe, Harvest Home, The Boys Of Blue 2:46
  4. Canan Nan Gaidheal 5:04
  5. The Derry Air 4:22
  6. The Ferryman 3:10
  7. Puirt A Beul- Chi Mi Na Mòr-Bheanna, Seallaibh Curaigh Eòghain 3:55
  8. Jig Set- Banish Misfortune,The Lark On The Strand 2:58
  9. Puirt A Beul-Dh'ghalbhainn Sgiobalta , A' Mhisg,Chui 2:08
Jennifer Licko Not That Girl