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Loretta Jordan

Albums by Loretta Jordan

Loretta Jordan Following Jesus
Loretta Jordan My Heart Is Yours Lord
Loretta Jordan My Life's Reflection

Loretta Jordan — My Life's Reflection

Released 4/23/2011
  1. Holy You're So Holy 4:36
  2. I'm Living In The Light 5:39
  3. My Life's Reflection 3:54
  4. Remember That Special Day 3:54
  5. Jesus Gives Me Joy (Feat. Ross Jordan And Nick Jones) 3:23
  6. Morning Jesus 2:51
  7. Jesus I Love You I Do 3:37
  8. Thank You 4:11
  9. Be About It (Feat. Leonard Jordan Jr, Glen Johnson, Ross Jordan, Teresa Jones) 4:09
  10. I Love You (Wedding Song) (Feat. Joyce Spencer, Saxophone) 5:25
  11. Passing On Jesus To The Next Generation (Feat. Briannon Kelley And Antwanequa Greene) 3:18
  12. Run To Him/ Instrumental (Feat. Chris Johnson Sr Bass) 5:05