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Gary Stroutsos

Albums by Gary Stroutsos

Gary Stroutsos Distant Shores
Gary Stroutsos Echos Of Canyon De Chelly

Gary Stroutsos — Echos Of Canyon De Chelly

Released 3/1/2002
  1. Canyon Squirrel Prologue (Ledge Ruin) 0:20
  2. Gentle Navajo (Ledge Ruin) 4:11
  3. Zuni Sunrise (Ledge Ruin) 3:27
  4. People Of The Willows (Ledge Ruin) 3:37
  5. Cherished Grandmother (Ledge Ruin) 4:15
  6. Zuni Coming In Song (White House Ruin) 2:11
  7. Lost Bird (White House Ruin) 3:10
  8. Song For Oshanee (White House Ruin) 2:27
  9. Along The River (White House Ruin) 2:16
  10. Taos Pueblo Courting Love Song (White House Ruin) 3:50
  11. Improv-Gary Stroutsos (Cottonwoods At Canyon Del Muerto) 2:59
  12. Improv-Paul Thompson (Cottonwoods At Canyon Del Muerto) 4:53
  13. Ledge Birds/ Shi Ni Shi (Return To Ledge Ruin) 5:17
  14. Zuni Comanche Dance Song (Return To Ledge Ruin) 3:24
  15. In Home God's Fields (Return To Ledge Ruin) 3:19
  16. Echos Of Canyon De Chelly (Return To Ledge Ruin) 1:37
  17. Canyon Squirrel Prologue (Return To Ledge Ruin) 0:22
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