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Geoff Moore

Albums by Geoff Moore

Geoff Moore A Beautiful Sound
Geoff Moore A Friend Like You
Geoff Moore Evolution

Geoff Moore — Evolution

Released 1/24/1995
  1. Evolution...Redefined (Evolution Album Version) 4:28
  2. I Can See Clearly Now (Evolution Album Version) 3:54
  3. Life Together (Evolution Album Version) 4:26
  4. Live To Tell (Evolution Album Version) 4:33
  5. If You Could See What I See 4:17
  6. Godgottaholdonme (Evolution Album Version) 4:24
  7. That's When I'll Know I'm Home (Evolution Album Version) 4:23
  8. Heart To God, Hand To Man (Evolution Album Version) 5:21
  9. Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music (Evolution Album Version) 4:23
  10. When All Is Said And Done (Evolution Album Version) 2:56
Geoff Moore Geoff Moore
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