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Rusty Smith

Albums by Rusty Smith

Rusty Smith Oceanfront
Rusty Smith Rusty Smith & Friends

Rusty Smith — Rusty Smith & Friends

Released 7/10/2013
  1. Break My Mind (Feat. Mimi Hart, Zeke Hutchison & Terry Douds) 2:42
  2. Diamonds In The Rough (Feat. Terry Douds, Zeke Hutchison, Bruce Dalzell & Gay Dalzell) 4:49
  3. Church Bell Blues (Feat. Zeke Hutchison & Terry Douds) 3:50
  4. How Can I Keep From Singing (Feat. Zeke Hutchison & Terry Douds) 4:17
  5. I Don't Want Your Rambling Letters (Feat. Zeke Hutchison) 1:59
  6. In Tall Buildings /Midnight On The Water (Feat. Zeke Hutchison & Terry Douds) 4:18
  7. Lord Gordon's Reel (Feat. Zeke Hutchison) 2:50
  8. Did You Love Me At All (Feat. Zeke Hutchison, Terry Douds, Mimi Hart & John Borchard) 3:57
  9. Metsäkukkia (Feat. Zeke Hutchison, Terry Douds & Ali Smith) 4:06
  10. Give Me My Flowers While I'm Living (Feat. Buck Mccumbers, Zeke Hutchison, Terry Douds & Todd Sams) 2:31
  11. I Get The Blues When It Rains (Feat. Jorma Kaukonen, Zeke Hutchison, Mark Hellenberg & Terry Douds) 2:33
  12. Reel D'issodun 1:25
  13. The Deep End (Feat. Buck Mccumbers, John Borchard, Terry Douds, Zeke Hutchison & Todd Sams) 4:38
  14. Waltzing With Jesus (Feat. Zeke Hutchison & Terry Douds) 2:46
  15. House Carpenter (Feat. Hilarie Burhans, Zeke Hutchison & Terry Douds) 6:00
  16. Valse Melankolika (Feat. Zeke Hutchison, Terry Douds & Ali Smith) 3:28