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Robert Gomez

Albums by Robert Gomez

Robert Gomez Brand New Towns
Robert Gomez Music For A Film
Robert Gomez Pine Sticks And Phosphorus
Robert Gomez Severance Songs

Robert Gomez — Severance Songs

Released 11/6/2012
  1. Robert Durand (Commuter, Beheaded In Crash Of Staten Island Ferry, 2003) 5:10
  2. Charles H. Stuart (Texas Farmer, Beheaded By His Two Teenage Daughters, 1904) 5:30
  3. Chicken (Americauna Pullet, Beheaded In Alabama For Sunday Dinner, 1958) 5:41
  4. Robert Kornbluth (Senior Partner In Advertising Firm, Decapitated By Elevator, 1984) 5:23
  5. Claude Messner (Homeless Man, Decapitated By Amtrak Train After Laying His Neck On The Track, 2000) 6:49