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Albums by Sunshine

Sunshine Death Scenes

Sunshine — Death Scenes

Released 3/11/2010
  1. I Hope It Feels Like Sleeping. 2:20
  2. On A Wednesday. 4:43
  3. Under The Bridge, In The Dark. 4:28
  4. Leaving For Boston. 5:54
  5. Sorry I Can't Be There. 3:44
Sunshine Down And Up Blues
Sunshine Energy
Sunshine Fight The Devil
Sunshine Karmageddon
Sunshine Last Night

Sunshine — Last Night

Released 6/26/2012
  1. Last Night 2:58
  2. Last Night Riddim Instrumental 2:58
Sunshine Moonshower And Razorblades
Sunshine Morning Glory - Ep

Sunshine — Morning Glory - Ep

Released 1/1/2009
  1. Morning Glory 4:10
Sunshine Necromange
Sunshine Shine! Shine!! Shine!!!
Sunshine Top! Top! The Radio!

Sunshine — Top! Top! The Radio!

Released 2/26/2007
  1. Top! Top! The Radio! 3:34
Sunshine You And You And You