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The Array

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The Array First World Power Conference
The Array Legacy

The Array — Legacy

Released 6/2/2009
  1. Magaru (Feat. Alex Pauk) 9:44
  2. La Vie De Bohème (Feat. Michael J. Baker) 10:52
  3. Ice (Feat. Marjan Mozetich) 11:30
  4. ...wings Of Silence... (Feat. John Rea) 16:42
  5. Steiner Shimmy - Movement I (Feat. John Abram): I 4:40
  6. Steiner Shimmy - Movement I (Feat. John Abram): II 6:16
  7. Trace (Feat. Bob Stevenson) 16:48
  8. Pulau Dewata (Feat. Claude Vivier, Henry Kucharzyk) 14:18
  9. Into Darkness (Feat. Marie Berard, Barbara Pritchard, Michael J. Baker , Kevin Volans) 12:02