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Gloria Gaither

Albums by Gloria Gaither

Gloria Gaither A Tribute To Jake Hess

Gloria Gaither — A Tribute To Jake Hess

Released 1/1/2004
  1. God Takes Good Care Of Me (Sing Your Blues Away) 2:18
  2. That's Enough (Homecoming Texas Style) 2:46
  3. If God Didn't Care (I Do Believe) 3:42
  4. You And Me Jesus (Ryman Gospel Reunion) 3:19
  5. Death Ain't No Big Deal (Landmark) 3:40
  6. Floodstage (When All God's Singers Get Home) 3:07
  7. Faith Unlocks The Door Medley (All Day Singin' At The Dome) 6:17
  8. Wore Out (Singin' In My Soul) 3:27
  9. Thanks For Sunshine (Harmony In The Heartland) 2:49
  10. So Many Reasons (I'll Fly Away) 2:49
  11. Jesus, I Believe What You Said (Hawaiian Homecoming) 3:10
  12. The Fourth Man (Joy In The Camp) 2:36
  13. I Just Love Old People (Rocky Mountain Homecoming) 2:31
  14. No Fishin' (Irish Homecoming) 3:24
  15. Sunday Meetin' Time (A Gospel Bluegrass Homecoming, Volume One) 3:07
  16. Sweeter As The Days Go By (We Will Stand) 4:13
  17. Up Above My Head (Memphis Homecoming) 2:23
  18. C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S (Joy To The World) 2:44
  19. Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere (Heaven) 3:14
  20. Too Much To Gain To Lose (London Homecoming) 3:00
  21. I Know Where I Am Now (Singin' With The Saints) 5:00
Gloria Gaither A Tribute To The Goodmans

Gloria Gaither — A Tribute To The Goodmans

Released 1/1/2004
  1. I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey (50 Years: The Happy Goodmans) 1:22
  2. I Believe He's Coming Back (All Day Singin' At The Dome) 3:05
  3. The Little Wooden Church On The Hill (I'll Meet You On The Mountain) 4:55
  4. When God's Chariot Comes (Marching To Zion) 3:09
  5. What A Lovely Name (Ryman Gospel Reunion) 3:57
  6. When They Ring The Bells Of Heaven (Holy Ground) 2:23
  7. There Is A Fountain (New Orleans Homecoming) 4:41
  8. The Unclouded Day (Ryman Gospel Reunion( 2:30
  9. This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me (Going Home) 2:51
  10. I Hold A Clear Title To A Mansion (Homecoming Texas Style) 3:14
  11. There's Something About A Mountain (Mountain Homecoming) 3:39
  12. He Said Peace (Atlanta Homecoming) 2:30
  13. I Don't Regret A Mile (50 Years: The Happy Goodmans) 4:04
  14. I'd Do It All Over Again (Irish Homecoming) 4:19
  15. God Walks The Dark Hills (Precious Memories) 3:14
  16. We'll Soon Be Done With Troubles And Trials (Memphis Homecoming) 3:22
  17. The Holy Hills Of Heaven Call Me (Dottie Rambo With The Homecoming Friends) 5:52
  18. Born To Serve The Lord (Indiana Roof Taping) 2:37
  19. Rock Of Ages (Down By The Tabernacle) 4:10
  20. O Come, Angel Band (Moments To Remember) 5:31