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William Smith

Albums by William Smith

William Smith Beethoven Für Die Blaue Stunde

William Smith — Beethoven Für Die Blaue Stunde

Released 12/25/2000
  1. Für Elise (Bagatelle In A Minor, Woo 59) (Instrumental) 3:26
  2. 7 Bagatelles, Op. 33: No. 4 In A Major - Andante (Instrumental) 3:20
  3. Symphony No. 2 In D Major, Op. 36: II. Larghetto (Instrumental) 11:41
  4. Sonata For Violin And Piano In F Major, Op. 24 "Spring": II. Adagio Molto Espressivo (Instrumental) 5:58
  5. I. Adagio Sostenuto From Sonata For Piano No.14 In C-Sharp Minor, Op. 27, No. 2 ("Moonlight") 6:29
  6. Trio In B-Flat Major For Piano, Clarinet And Cello, Op. 11: II. Adagio 5:29
  7. Sonata No. 8 In C Minor For Piano, Op. 13 "Pathétique": II. Adagio Cantabile: II. Adagio Cantabile (Instrumental) 4:42
  8. Concerto In C Major For Violin, Cello, Piano And Orchestra, Op. 56, "Triple Concerto": II. Largo (Instrumental) 5:18
  9. Trio For Piano, Violin And Violoncello In C Minor, Op. 1, No. 3: II. Andante Cantabile Con Variazioni (Instrumental) 4:31
  10. Symphony No. 1 In C Major, Op. 21: II. Andante Cantabile Con Moto (Instrumental) 6:54
  11. Romance No. 2 In F Major For Violin And Orchestra, Op. 50 (Instrumental) 8:56
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