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Death By Stereo

Albums by Death By Stereo

Death By Stereo Black Sheep Of The American Dream
Death By Stereo Day Of The Death
Death By Stereo Death Alive (Parental Advisory)

Death By Stereo — Death Alive (Parental Advisory)

Released 3/13/2007
  1. The Plague (Live) 3:40
  2. Beyond The Blinders (Live) 4:20
  3. Lookin Out For #1 (Live) 3:39
  4. These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things (Live) 2:52
  5. Sow The Seeds (Live) 2:52
  6. Wasted Words (Live) 4:22
  7. Sing Along With The Patriotic Punks (Live) 3:43
  8. Shh...This Will Be Our Little Secret (Live) 3:22
  9. Desperation Train (Live) 2:51
  10. Let Down And Alone (Live) 3:27
  11. Holding 60 Dollars On A Burning Bridge (Live) 1:51
  12. High School Was Like Boot Camp For A Desk Job (Live) 2:46
  13. Emo Holocaust (Live) 2:44
  14. Dance Party (Live) 2:23
  15. Unstoppable (Live) 3:55
  16. No Shirt, No Shoes, No Salvation (Live) 4:54
  17. No Cuts, No Butts, No Coconuts (Live) 2:55
Death By Stereo Death For Life
Death By Stereo Death Is My Only Friend
Death By Stereo If Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die
Death By Stereo Into The Valley Of Death (Parental Advisory)
Death By Stereo I Sing For You (Single)

Death By Stereo — I Sing For You (Single)

Released 8/4/2009
  1. I Sing For You 3:50