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Scream Club

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Scream Club Big Deal

Scream Club — Big Deal

Released 1/1/2009
  1. Party Time (Cozmic Cat Remix) (Feat. April Schief) 3:19
  2. Speaer Boobs (Ben Adorable Mix) (Feat. April Schief) 3:10
  3. Keep That Control (Shoes Rockin Mix) (Feat. The Shoes) 4:07
  4. To The Top (Timezone Lafontaine Mix) (Feat. Timezone La Fontaine 3:36
  5. Girl You Loo Expensive (Joey Casio Mix) (Feat. Jenna Riot & Joey 3:21
  6. Toi Et Moi (Leonard Deleonard Mix) (Feat. Meinamondine) 2:30
  7. Try To Smile (Le Matt Mix) (Feat. Tender Forever & Squeeze Me I) 3:26
  8. Stephanie And Micheal Called (Cindy Wonderful Mix) 4:18
  9. Keep It On The Dance Floor (Bacalao Mix) (Feat. Pho Natic) 3:41
  10. Distracted (Shaggy Manatee Mix) (Feat. Katastrophe & Shaggy Mana 5:48
  11. Billboards (Nervous Mix) (Feat. Blandow Charismium, Nervous & Du 3:33
Scream Club Don't Bite Your Sister