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Helen Baylor

Albums by Helen Baylor

Helen Baylor Greatest Hits
Helen Baylor Helen Baylor...Live
Helen Baylor Highly Recommended
Helen Baylor Look A Little Closer
Helen Baylor Love Brought Me Back
Helen Baylor My Everything
Helen Baylor The Definitive Gospel Collection (Remastered)
Helen Baylor The Live Experience
Helen Baylor The Ultimate Collection

Helen Baylor — The Ultimate Collection

Released 1/24/2012
  1. Highly Recommended (Remastered Version) 5:10
  2. Can You Reach My Friend (Remastered Version) 4:08
  3. Worthy (Remastered Version) 4:14
  4. Look A Little Closer (Remastered Version) 6:30
  5. Oasis 5:38
  6. Just The Way You Are (Feat. Cindy Morgan And Deneice Williams) 4:12
  7. Sold Out 4:36
  8. More Than A Friend 4:40
  9. The Sea Of Forgetfulness (Remastered Version) 4:04
  10. There Is No Denying (Remastered Version) 5:02
  11. Lifting Up The Name Of Jesus (Remastered Version) 4:42
  12. Love Brought Me Back (Lp Version) 5:41
  13. We Are All The Same (Feat. Kathy Troccoli) 4:54
  14. Victory 3:52
  15. Helen's Testimony (Lp Version) 7:31