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Albums by Belvedere

Belvedere Angels Live In My Town
Belvedere Fast Forward Eats The Tape
Belvedere Midnight Tide

Belvedere — Midnight Tide

Released 4/12/2013
  1. Midnight Tide 4:08
Belvedere Twas Hell Said Former Child

Belvedere — Twas Hell Said Former Child

Released 4/7/2009
  1. The Only Problem With Wishful Thinking 2:33
  2. Excuse Me, Can I Use This Chair? 1:51
  3. It's Tough To Be A Bully When There's No One Left To Bully 0:48
  4. A Juxtaposition Of Action And Reason 2:15
  5. Two Minutes For Looking So Good 2:44
  6. Repetition Rejection 2:53
  7. Cellophane Coffin 0:54
  8. It's Hard To Look Cool With Your Head Up Your Ass 2:07
  9. She Sells And Sand Sandwiches 3:04
  10. And You Thought The Doctor's Probe Hurt 2:16