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Jay Begaye

Albums by Jay Begaye

Jay Begaye Horses Are Our Journey
Jay Begaye Night Of The Northern Lights
Jay Begaye Round Dance in Beauty: Sin Baa Dahozhoonu
Jay Begaye Song of Colors
Jay Begaye The Beauty Way
Jay Begaye The Colorful World
Jay Begaye The Long Walk - Hwééldi

Jay Begaye — The Long Walk - Hwééldi

Released 9/1/2009
  1. Tradition Began - "Beauty surrounding us." 3:34
  2. Sohodizin - "Clockwise I walk. Where I go let there be beauty." 5:17
  3. Mystic Nature 3:40
  4. Healing Journey - "Mother Earth, upon you I always walk in beauty." 6:05
  5. Roller Coaster 3:31
  6. E'wee-Ba Hozho - "My precious litte one…" 5:00
  7. Young Generation 5:04
  8. Where I Walk, Long Life - "Mother Earth, beautifully they dance." 4:34
  9. Hwééldi Chill - "Upon Mother Earth, upon you I will walk in beauty." 7:18