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Tamas Wells

Albums by Tamas Wells

Tamas Wells A Mark On The Pane
Tamas Wells A Plea En Vendredi
Tamas Wells Signs I Can't Read - Live At Sonorium
Tamas Wells Thirty People Away
Tamas Wells Thirty People Away (Edition Européenne)

Tamas Wells — Thirty People Away (Edition EuropĂ©enne)

Released 6/25/2012
  1. The Crime At Edmond Lake 3:19
  2. Fire Balloons 3:29
  3. England Had A Queen 2:34
  4. The Chemicals Took Their Toll I Believe 3:10
  5. An Organisation For Occasions Of Joy And Sorrow 2:00
  6. An Extraordinary Adventure (Of Vladimir Mayakovsky In A Summer Cottage) 2:55
  7. Her Eyes Were Only Scars 4:36
  8. Before Elizabeth Arrived At The Club 1:28
  9. Thirty People Away 3:25
  10. True Believers 3:48
  11. Your Hands Into Mine 4:17
Tamas Wells Two Years In April