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The Latin Project

Albums by The Latin Project

The Latin Project Ahnelos
The Latin Project Musica De La Noche

The Latin Project — Musica De La Noche

Released 6/23/2009
  1. Musica De La Noche (Feat. Debi Nova And Freddie Crespo) 4:20
  2. Verbenza (The Latin Project Vs The Tao Of Groove Mix) 4:24
  3. Onda (Feat. Mitchell Long And Lauren Evans) 5:19
  4. Aganju (The Latin Project Remix) 5:25
  5. Eres Tu (Feat. Debi Nova) 4:10
  6. Legal (Feat. Kool Kojak And Debi Nova) 5:13
  7. Can't Get You Outta My Head (The Latin Project Remix) 5:17
  8. Provocadore (Feat. Freddie Crespo) 6:11
  9. Largesse (Feat. Joel Virgel) 5:04
  10. Deliver The Word (Feat. Lonnie Jordan) 4:32
  11. Ya Me Voy (The Latin Project Remix) 4:39
  12. Legal (Shawn Lee Remix) 3:59
  13. Musica De La Noche (Ramin Sakurai (Supreme Beings Of Leisure) Remix) 4:38
  14. Ritmo De Verbenza (Static Revenger Vs The Latin Project) 5:20
  15. Musica De La Noche (Morgan Page Remix) 7:22