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Jimmy Heath

Albums by Jimmy Heath

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Jimmy Heath The Gap Sealer & Love And Understanding

Jimmy Heath — The Gap Sealer & Love And Understanding

Released 12/15/2010
  1. Heritage Hum (The Gap Sealer) 7:49
  2. Invitation (The Gap Sealer) 5:47
  3. A Sound For Sore Ears (The Gap Sealer) 7:21
  4. Gap Sealer (The Gap Sealer) 7:29
  5. Angel Man (The Gap Sealer) 7:21
  6. Alkebu-Lan (Land Of The Blacks) (The Gap Sealer) 7:35
  7. One For Juan (Love And Understanding) 7:05
  8. Hands Up! Feet Down! (Love And Understanding) 7:07
  9. Far Away Lands (Love And Understanding) 5:03
  10. Smilin' Billy (Love And Understanding) 5:47
  11. Gemini (Love And Understanding) 7:54
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