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Shorty J

Albums by Shorty J

Shorty J The Lesson Has Just Begun

Shorty J — The Lesson Has Just Begun

Released 1/1/2005
  1. It's Been A Long Time (Intro) Feat. Sara S. 0:19
  2. The Lesson Has Just Begun 3:39
  3. You Got Me Tryin' Feat. Wood Dog Da Funk Meista, Tipsy 4:04
  4. On The Radio (Intro) Feat. K-Deezil, Chile, Bobo, Candy 1:14
  5. Dippin' Feat. Dominator, Sara S. 4:17
  6. Gangsters Wanna Party Feat. Listo Of Gang Related Click 3:40
  7. Do Our Thing Feat. Young Creeps, Lashell 3:57
  8. You Don't Know Feat. Payaso Of Dukes Click, Young Creeps 4:25
  9. Summer Love Feat. Ac The Promoter, Sara S. 3:38
  10. Ha-Ha Feat. Young Dopes, Maddness Of Gangrelatedclick, Dj E-Wrek 4:02
  11. You Best Not Hate Feat. Brownhood, T-Dre Of Cali Life Style 3:53
  12. We're Comin' Thru Feat. Menace 3:37
  13. Set It Off Feat. Ese Grouch Of Califa Thugs, A. Giles 3:43
  14. Take You Home Feat. Tipsy 3:18
  15. Now You Know How We Roll (Outro) 0:55
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