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Ben Sidran

Albums by Ben Sidran

Ben Sidran Bumpin' At The Sunside

Ben Sidran — Bumpin' At The Sunside

Released 1/1/2005
  1. Little Sherry 6:12
  2. Listen To That Fool Talk 10:00
  3. What Sonny Said 7:39
  4. You Can't Judge A Book / A Great Rhythm Section 6:55
  5. Zambia 7:13
  6. Put Your Foot On The Rock 12:19
  7. Nothing Like The Sound Of Bebop (Feat. Hector Coulon) 9:50
Ben Sidran Cien Noches (One Hundred Nights At The Cafe Central)
Ben Sidran Don't Cry For No Hipster
Ben Sidran Don't Let Go
Ben Sidran Dylan Different
Ben Sidran Free In America
Ben Sidran I Lead A Life
Ben Sidran Life's A Lesson
Ben Sidran Mr. P's Shuffle

Ben Sidran — Mr. P's Shuffle

Released 7/6/1996
  1. I'm Back (Feat. Frank Morgan) 5:32
  2. Like A Boat On The Water (Feat. Phil Upchurch & Ricky Peterson) 4:34
  3. Sentimental Journey (Feat. Frank Morgan) 5:27
  4. Get Happy (Feat. Richard Davis) 4:55
  5. Jive Samba (Feat. Roscoe Mitchell) 5:19
  6. I'm Not Talking (Feat. Howard Levy) 4:01
  7. The Glory Of Love (Feat. Alejo Poveda) 2:27
  8. Mr. P's Shuffle (Feat. Phil Upchurch) 4:36
  9. Walk Right In (Feat. Margie Cox) 3:44
  10. Lover Man (Feat. Frank Morgan) 8:24
  11. No Moon At All 4:04
  12. Memory Lane (Feat. Leo Sidran) 4:03
Ben Sidran Nick's Bump
Ben Sidran On The Cool Side (Heat Wave)
Ben Sidran On The Live Side (A Good Travel Agent)

Ben Sidran — On The Live Side (A Good Travel Agent)

Released 7/7/1986
  1. The Doctor's Blues 3:12
  2. Broad Daylight 5:08
  3. Piano Players (Feat. Billy Peterson) 3:01
  4. Turn To The Music (Feat. Gordy Knudtson) 4:02
  5. A Good Travel Agent (Feat. Phil Woods) 13:14
  6. There They Go 4:52
  7. Lover Man 6:18
  8. Mitsubishi Boy (Feat. Ricky Peterson) 6:45
  9. On The Cool Side (Feat. Steve Miller) 5:31
  10. Space Cowboy (Feat. Steve Miller) 7:56
  11. Last Dance 7:51
Ben Sidran The Doctor Is In
Ben Sidran Too Hot To Touch (Enivre D'amour)