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Albums by Melodium

Melodium Anaemia
Melodium A Slight Difference In The Air Pressure
Melodium Cerebro Spin
Melodium Coloribus
Melodium Flacana Flacana
Melodium La Tête Qui Flotte
Melodium Music For Invisible People
Melodium My Mind Is Falling To Pieces

Melodium — My Mind Is Falling To Pieces

Released 6/1/2008
  1. I've Been Here Before 7:31
  2. You're Acting Like You Lost Your Mind 5:01
  3. Kiss Me, Then Shoot Me 8:53
  4. Christiane 6:01
  5. A Sort Of Happy Melancholy 3:48
  6. You Could Feel Space And Atoms 8:34
  7. Death Will Take Me Away From This World 8:42
Melodium The Island
Melodium There Is Something In The Universe