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The Kenmores

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The Kenmores People Ruin Everything

The Kenmores — People Ruin Everything

Released 9/9/2002
  1. Breakfast On A Quiet Sunday 4:31
  2. I Would Not Say Such Things If I Were You 3:24
  3. Feelings You Are Confident In 2:31
  4. I Saw Weary Eyes Turn Furious 4:03
  5. Do You Struggle? Are You Alive? 5:34
  6. Tear Down The Barriers You Formed 4:32
  7. My Team Plays At Noon 5:06
  8. This Is How It Usually Goes 5:02
  9. Watch Me How I Disappear 3:26
  10. Tomorrw Everything Will Be Better 14:06