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Albums by Nocturnus

Nocturnus Dark Art For Black Souls

Nocturnus — Dark Art For Black Souls

Released 12/20/2004
  1. Possess The Priest 6:01
  2. Mummified 4:29
Nocturnus Ethereal Tomb
Nocturnus The Key
Nocturnus The Nocturnus Demos

Nocturnus — The Nocturnus Demos

Released 4/21/2008
  1. B.C./A.D. (From 'The Science Of Horror') 6:28
  2. Standing In Blood (From 'The Science Of Horror') 5:19
  3. Neolithic (From 'The Science Of Horror') 5:32
  4. Undead Journey (From 'The Science Of Horror') 4:50
  5. Nocturnus (From Nocturnus First Demo) 3:59
  6. B.C./A.D. (From Nocturnus First Demo) 5:33
  7. Unholy Fury (From Nocturnus First Demo) 6:24
  8. The Entity (From Nocturnus First Demo) 3:23