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Albums by Playero

Playero Playero 37 "Underground"

Playero — Playero 37 "Underground"

Released 7/1/1992
  1. Dance Hall Mix (Feat. Master Joe, O.G. Black, Yaviah And Buru Fast) 23:16
  2. Ragga Moofin Mix (Feat. Daddy Yankee And Maicol & Manuel) 23:48
Playero Playero 38 "Underground"

Playero — Playero 38 "Underground"

Released 8/15/1994
  1. Non Stop Reegae (Feat. Daddy Yankee, Blanco, Master Joe And O.G. Black) 24:46
  2. Raagga Mix To Mix (Feat. Micol & Manuel, Frankie Boy And Yavia) 25:00
  3. Bonus Mix (Feat. O.G. Black And Qmac) 10:32