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Patrick Street

Albums by Patrick Street

Patrick Street All In Good Time
Patrick Street Compendium: The Best Of Patrick Street
Patrick Street Cornerboys

Patrick Street — Cornerboys

Released 1/1/1996
  1. The White Petticoat/The Kerry Jig/Katy Is Waiting (Jigs) 4:36
  2. Sweet Lisbweemore 5:25
  3. Mike McDougall's/Paddy Canny's/Jim Keefe's (Slides) 3:45
  4. Devanney's Goat/The Leitrim Rover/Michael Ryan's (Reels) 4:36
  5. Moorlough Shore 5:21
  6. The Kanturk Polka/Joe Burke's (Polkas) 2:50
  7. Portarlington Jig/Billy McCormick's/Munster Buttermilk (Jigs) 4:11
  8. Pity The Poor Hare: On Yonder Hill/Merriliy Tripping O'er The Plain/The Kilgrain Hare/Pity The Poor Hare 9:57
  9. The Lighthouse/Neilie Boyle's (Reels) 2:13
  10. Down By Greer's Grove 3:37
  11. Killanan's Fancy/The Dash To Portobello/Anna Maculeen (Reels) 4:43
Patrick Street Irish Times
Patrick Street Live From Patrick Street
Patrick Street Made In Cork
Patrick Street No. 2
Patrick Street On The Fly
Patrick Street Street Life

Patrick Street — Street Life

Released 1/1/2002
  1. Saddle The Pony/The Boys Of The Town/The Frost Is All Over 3:37
  2. Barna Hill 4:27
  3. The Old Reel/Drowsy Maggie/Kay Girroir 4:11
  4. If We Had Built A Wall/The March Of Time 3:53
  5. Down In Matewan/Lost Indian 4:27
  6. Down By The Old Fairy Fort/The Whistler And His Dog 4:03
  7. The Diamantina Drover 5:32
  8. Art O'Keefe's/Forget Your Troubles/Joe Bane's/Kiskeam 5:22
  9. Green Grows The Laurel 4:19
  10. King Of The Pipers/Free And Easy/The House On The Hill/O'Keefe's 5:45