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Dead And Gone

Albums by Dead And Gone

Dead And Gone Etched In Stone

Dead And Gone — Etched In Stone

Released 9/1/2010
  1. Bsol 3:03
  2. I Like To Have My Cake And Eat It Too But I Want No Part In Eating That Slice Of Cookie Puss 2:51
  3. We Can Go Apple Picking If Someone Would Just Pay The Cable Bill 3:27
  4. Let's Take A Ride On The Substitutiary Locomotive 2:42
  5. Wash Me Off One Of Them Bunnies, I'm Gonna Eat It 2:34
  6. Drive By Apocalypse 1:37
  7. Radio 11 2:06
  8. I Didn't Smell Pancakes, I Smelled Danger 3:02
  9. Inspiration Station 3:19
  10. If I Were An F-Bomber, It'd Go A Little Something Like This, Hit It 3:38
  11. When The Zombies Come, We Run To Crumbs (Don't Walk) 2:52
  12. While You're Soul Searching, I'm Searching For Souls 3:10
  13. First Come The Blood, Then Come The Boys 2:39
Dead And Gone God Loves Everyone But You