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Petra Haden

Albums by Petra Haden

Petra Haden Live At Triple Door
Petra Haden Petra Goes To The Movies

Petra Haden — Petra Goes To The Movies

Released 1/25/2013
  1. Rebel Without A Cause Main Title (From Rebel Without A Cause) 2:51
  2. God's Lonely Man (From Taxi Driver) 2:01
  3. Cool Hand Luke Main Title (From Cool Hand Luke) 2:08
  4. Cinema Paradiso (From Cinema Paradiso) 3:01
  5. A Fistful Of Dollars Theme (From A Fistful Of Dollars) 1:52
  6. Psycho Main Title (From Psycho) 2:03
  7. Goldfinger Main Title (From Goldfinger) 2:11
  8. Carlotta's Gallop (From 8 1/2) 3:01
  9. It Might Be You (From Tootsie) 5:16
  10. The Planet Krypton (From Superman) 1:22
  11. Superman Theme (From Superman) 3:55
  12. My Bodyguard (From My Bodyguard) 2:51
  13. Pascal's Waltz (From Big Night) 1:24
  14. Calling You (From Bagdad Cafe) 4:48
  15. Hand Covers Bruise (From The Social Network) 4:21
  16. This Is Not America (From The Falcon And The Snowman) 5:00
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