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King Django

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King Django Anywhere I Roam

King Django — Anywhere I Roam

Released 1/29/2013
  1. You Said You Love Me 3:31
  2. Aiming (Feat. Obi Fernandez & The Void Union) 3:05
  3. Anywhere I Roam (Feat. The Forthrights) 3:16
  4. Career Opportunities 2:42
  5. Do You Really Love Me? (Feat. The Scrucialists) 4:42
  6. Hey Gyal (Feat. Motha Nature & Regatta 69) 3:10
  7. Did I Do That? (Feat. Soul Captives) 3:22
  8. Where Can I Go? (Feat. Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra) 5:57
  9. Do It Right, Do It Some More (Feat. Soul Captives & Mr. T-Bone) 6:59
  10. One Finger (Feat. Soul Syndicate) 3:39
  11. S F Headication Freestyle (Feat. Soul Captives) 3:28
  12. Every Breath You Take 3:40
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