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Kim Wilson

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Kim Wilson Choice Cuts

Kim Wilson — Choice Cuts

Released 10/18/2011
  1. Driftin' 6:38
  2. Can't You See What You're Doin' To Me (Feat. Alex Schultz) 3:46
  3. Act Like You Love Me (Feat. Kim Wilson) 3:15
  4. Just To Be With You (Feat. Kirk Fletcher) 3:50
  5. Don't Start Crying Now (Feat. Alex Schultz) 2:49
  6. I Got My Eyes On You (Feat. Al Blake & Alex Schultz) 4:52
  7. Hey Lawdy Mama (Feat. Kirk Fletcher) 4:05
  8. I Was Fooled (Feat. Shawn Pittman) 5:12
  9. Rockin' Daddy (Feat. Kid Ramos) 3:24
  10. Left Me With A Broken Heart (Feat. Johnny Dyer & Rob Rio) 4:23
  11. Just Your Fool (Feat. Rusty Zinn) 4:09
  12. Chromatic Crumbs (Feat. John Marx & Alex Schultz) 4:30
  13. I'm A Business Man (Feat. Paul Oscher) 4:37
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