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Will Martin

Albums by Will Martin

Will Martin New World
Will Martin New World (Nz Version)

Will Martin — New World (Nz Version)

Released 6/14/2008
  1. Into The West: Into The West 4:24
  2. Over The Hills: Over The Hills 3:44
  3. Going Home: Going Home 4:22
  4. If: If 4:38
  5. The Last Rose Of Summer: The Last Rose Of Summer 4:28
  6. Cinema Paradiso (Se): Cinema Paradiso (Se) 3:44
  7. So Far Away 3:58
  8. Song Of Peace (Finlandia): Song Of Peace (Finlandia) 4:16
  9. Nature Boy: Nature Boy 3:50
  10. Anytime, Anywhere (Albinoni's Adagio): Anytime, Anywhere (Albinoni's Adagio) - Featuring All Angels 3:31
  11. Highland Cathedral (I Am My Country): Highland Cathedral (I Am My Country) 3:47
  12. Hine E Hine: Hine E Hine 5:23