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4th Pyramid

Albums by 4th Pyramid

4th Pyramid Fantazmic Ep

4th Pyramid — Fantazmic Ep

Released 1/1/2007
  1. Twice As Strong 2:00
  2. Twice As Strong (Instrumental) 2:01
  3. Fantazmic Ft. Akrobatik & C-Rayz Walz 3:17
  4. Fantazmic (Instrumental) 3:14
  5. Light Your Head On Fire Ft. Vordul Mega (Cannibal Ox) 3:34
  6. Light This Beat On Fire 3:33
4th Pyramid Friday Nights

4th Pyramid — Friday Nights

Released 1/29/2013
  1. Friday Nights 3:23
4th Pyramid The Pyramid Scheme
4th Pyramid The Sky Belongs To The Stars