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Robert Linton

Albums by Robert Linton

Robert Linton Pale Shades
Robert Linton Throughout The Autumn Light

Robert Linton — Throughout The Autumn Light

Released 2/8/2011
  1. Throughout The Autumn Light (Feat. Stephen Katz) 4:59
  2. Drifting Reflections (Feat. Jill Haley) 6:03
  3. Alongside The Silhouettes 5:09
  4. Seasons Of Years Past (Feat. Tracy Silverman) 3:26
  5. Glistening After The Mist (Feat. Jeff Pearce) 4:48
  6. Shifting To The Fall 3:53
  7. Winds Swaying The Trees (Feat. Stephen Katz) 4:15
  8. Moments Of Reverie (Feat. Tracy Silverman) 3:49
  9. Sweet Dreams 4:55
  10. Evening Sunset (Feat. Jeff Oster) 4:57