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L.A. Guns

Albums by L.A. Guns

L.A. Guns 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best Of L.A. Guns
L.A. Guns 86 Demo Sessions
L.A. Guns Acoustic Gypsy Live
L.A. Guns American Hardcore
L.A. Guns A Night On The Strip - Live!
L.A. Guns A Nite On The Strip - Live
L.A. Guns Cocked & Re-Loaded (Millennium Edition)
L.A. Guns Covered In Guns

L.A. Guns — Covered In Guns

Released 11/1/2009
  1. Pour Some Sugar On Me (Def Leppard Cover) 4:24
  2. Rock & Roll All Night (Kiss Cover) 3:36
  3. Crazy Bitch (Buckcherry Cover) 3:23
  4. Don’t Fear The Reaper (Blue Öyster Cult Cover) 4:51
  5. Check My Brain (Alice In Chains Cover) 3:41
  6. Cry Little Sister (Theme From The Lost Boys) (Gerald Mcmann Cover) 4:06
  7. Just Between You And Me (April Wine Cover) 4:05
  8. Rock’n Me (Steve Miller Band Cover) 3:35
  9. Break My Stride (Matthew Wilder Cover) 3:07
  10. Let It Rock (Kevin Rudolf Cover) 3:29
  11. Let There Be Rock (Ac/DC Cover) 5:13
  12. I Love Rock N’ Roll (The Arrows Cover) 2:55
  13. Little Saint Nick (Beach Boys Cover) 2:08
L.A. Guns Crazy Bitch (Single)

L.A. Guns — Crazy Bitch (Single)

Released 1/2/2007
  1. Crazy Bitch 3:27
L.A. Guns Cuts

L.A. Guns — Cuts

Released 1/29/2013
  1. Night Of The Cadillacs 3:19
  2. Suffragette City 3:21
  3. Ain't The Same '92 4:16
  4. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag 3:29
  5. Killer Mahari 5:24
L.A. Guns Golden Bullets
L.A. Guns Greatest Hits
L.A. Guns Greatest Hits And Black Beauties
L.A. Guns Hellraisers Ball
L.A. Guns Hollywood Forever
L.A. Guns Hollywood Raw: The Original Sessions
L.A. Guns Hollywood Vampires
L.A. Guns L.A. Guns
L.A. Guns Man In The Moon
L.A. Guns Rock Bottom: The Rock Essentials
L.A. Guns Sex Action / Marie Claire

L.A. Guns — Sex Action / Marie Claire

Released 6/1/2008
  1. Sex Action 3:56
  2. Marie Claire 4:32
L.A. Guns Shrinking Violet (Deluxe Reissue)
L.A. Guns Shrinking Violet: Deluxe Reissue
L.A. Guns Tales From The Strip
L.A. Guns The Best Of / 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection
L.A. Guns The Very Best Of LA Guns
L.A. Guns Ultimate
L.A. Guns Ultimate L.A. Guns