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Albums by Augustana

Augustana All The Stars And Boulevards
Augustana Augustana
Augustana Bullets

Augustana — Bullets

Released 5/17/2005
  1. Bullets 3:10
Augustana Can't Love, Can't Hurt
Augustana Playlist: The Very Best Of Augustana
Augustana Stars And Boulevards

Augustana — Stars And Boulevards

Released 5/17/2005
  1. Stars And Boulevards 4:21
Augustana Steal Your Heart

Augustana — Steal Your Heart

Released 3/29/2011
  1. Steal Your Heart 3:33
Augustana Sweet And Low

Augustana — Sweet And Low

Released 3/4/2008
  1. Sweet And Low (New Album Version) 3:35
Augustana Sweet And Low (Live At Sweetwater Studios)

Augustana — Sweet And Low (Live At Sweetwater Studios)

Released 7/22/2008
  1. Sweet And Low 3:08