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Laoise Kelly

Albums by Laoise Kelly

Laoise Kelly Irish Aires
Laoise Kelly Just Harp

Laoise Kelly — Just Harp

Released 5/1/2010
  1. President Garfields=compliments To Sean Maguire; The Saratoga; President Garfields 4:04
  2. Waltzing Daisy=andante 2nd Movement From Sonata In D; Daith Sproule's Waltz 4:11
  3. Brendan Ring's=tyrell's Pass; The Coolinarne Jig; The Lisnagun Jig 3:18
  4. The Coast Of Galicia 3:53
  5. The Lion=the Lion; The Palm Tree; Hughie Jim Paul's Reel 4:05
  6. The Two William Davies=the Two William Davies; The Gates Of Mullagh 3:56
  7. Putting It Off 2:43
  8. The Trip=the Yellow Wattle; Trip To London; Trip To Brittany 3:16
  9. Princess Beatrice=princess Beatrice; Dowd's Favourite 3:49
  10. Surely Wee Och Aye=surely Wee Och Aye; Charles Sutherland; The Cambridge 3:55
  11. Carolan's Farewell To Music 4:36