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Zeena Parkins

Albums by Zeena Parkins

Zeena Parkins Necklace
Zeena Parkins Nightmare Alley
Zeena Parkins No Way Back
Zeena Parkins Pan-Acousticon
Zeena Parkins The Opium War: A Radio Play

Zeena Parkins — The Opium War: A Radio Play

Released 4/12/1997
  1. The Bedroom Over The Butcher Shop. Night. Manuel Smokes Opium In Bed And Reads Out Loud To His Wife, Mariana. 7:55
  2. The Butcher Shop. Next Morning. Amalia Holds Her Grandson Clemente, And Sings To Him While She Tries To Chop Meat. Mariana Enters, Then Louie. 4:16
  3. The Bedroom. Later That Morning. Manuel Is Sitting In Bed. Louie Enters. 4:25
  4. The Butcher Shop. That Night. Manuel Shows Louie How To Cook And Smoke Opium. 3:18
  5. Chinatown. Later That Night. Louie Stands On A Soapbox And Delivers A Speech To A Large Crowd. 2:03
  6. The Butcher Shop. A Month Later. Morning. Amalia And Mariana Are Working. Clemente Is In His Crib. 3:08
  7. The Dining Room. That Evening. Manuel, Mariana, And Amalia Sit At The Table. Louie Enters, His Hand Bandaged. 5:40
  8. The Butcher Shop. A Month Later. Evening. Louie, Very Well Dressed, Totals Up His Opium Sales Using An Abacus, Then Writes Them In His Ledger. 1:50
  9. The Bedroom. That Night. Manuel Confides In The Young Clemente. 1:48
  10. The Butcher Shop. Dawn. Amalia Is Alone. She Sings Her Thoughts About The Universe. 2:46
  11. The Parlor. Two Months Later. Afternoon. New Expensive Furniture, Freshly Painted Walls. Manuel Has Fallen Asleep In A Chair While Reading. After Watching, Mariana Wakes Him Up. Louie Enters. He Is Wearing A Business Suit, And Carrying A Briefcase... 9:02
  12. The Bedroom. That Evening. Mariana Reads A Letter Sent By Her Father To Her Mother In 1896. Louie Listens Behind The Door. 2:54
  13. The Parlor. That Night. Manuel Crouches, Naked, On The Window Ledge. Amalia Begs Him To Go To Bed. 2:11
  14. The Parlor. Next Morning. Evelyn Harding, A Fashionable Opium Customer, Is Talking With Mariana. Later, They Move To The Bedroom. Louie Enters When They Are Asleep, Afterwards Manuel. 7:19
  15. The Psychiatric Ward. A Month Later. Morning. Manuel Is Crouching In The Isolation Room. Dr. Stein Sits Next To Him. 4:55
  16. The Living Room. Six Months Later. Morning. Mariana And Amalia Are Sitting. Manuel Enters Wearing An Old Suit That Belonged To Her Father, And Carrying A Suitcase. He Is Just Out Of The Hospital. Louie Follows Him. 4:54
  17. The Bedroom. That Night. Manuel Sleeps In An Opium Daze. Mariana Cuts Her Hair In Front Of The Mirror. Louie Enters, Then Amalia. 2:35
Zeena Parkins Ursa's Door

Zeena Parkins — Ursa's Door

Released 7/19/2011
  1. Ursa's Door 31:58
  2. Flush 14:50