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Albums by Elis

Elis Across The Desert

Elis — Across The Desert

Released 2/26/2013
  1. Across The Desert 5:57
Elis Catharsis
Elis Griefshire
Elis Show Me The Way

Elis — Show Me The Way

Released 8/31/2010
  1. Show Me The Way (Single Version/Vocal By S. Schleret) 3:34
  2. Salvation (Vocals By S. Dünser) 4:21
  3. These Days Are Gone (Vocals By S. Dünser) 4:21
  4. In Einem Verlassenen Zimmer (Vocals By S. Dünser) 4:17
  5. Show Me The Way (Regular Version / Vocals By S. Schleret) 4:04