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Ian Pellow

Albums by Ian Pellow

Ian Pellow Fruit Allures
Ian Pellow Kinky Slinky

Ian Pellow — Kinky Slinky

Released 4/1/2012
  1. The Redneck Polka (Feat. Kevin (The Astronut) & Andrew (The Bull)) 6:02
  2. Pink (Feat. Kevin (The Astronut)) 4:04
  3. Kinky Slinky (Feat. Neil Schmidt (The Mud Man), Josh Miller…(Edge Man), Reggie Bouffard (Bouffy), Marty D. Keil (The Doc), Frank Kennedy (The Paranormal) & Kevin (The Astronut)) 3:42
  4. Dungeon Blues (Feat. Rickard Langnesund (Johnrick), Joe Bartoldus (Phoephus) & Ryan Lucas (The Fog)) 5:17
  5. Isabella (Pornarella) Necessary (Feat. Ludovic Le Squer (The Drum-Head) & Andrew (The Bull)) 4:59
  6. Measure Of Rulers (Feat. Andrew (The Bull), Chuck Mac (The Horn-Man), Marty D. Keil (The Doc) & Kevin (The Astronut)) 5:27
  7. Aqua (Feat. Kevin (The Astronut), Raul Rodriguez (Figsounds) & Andrew (The Bull)) 4:45
  8. Gotta Gimme 3:37
  9. After Henry (Feat. Andrew (The Bull)) 4:57
  10. So Long Billy Boy (An Attempted Tribute To Billy Barty) (Feat. Kevin (The Astronut)) 3:42
  11. Genghis Khan (But His Sister Khan't) (Feat. Nelson Araujo (The Wolfman) & Kevin (The Astronut)) 5:42
  12. Red (Feat. Kevin (The Astronut)) 3:32