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Albums by Surrounded

Surrounded Harvest For The World II (Live)

Surrounded — Harvest For The World II (Live)

Released 3/19/2013
  1. I Shall Not Be Moved (Feat. Dejamion) (Live) 9:00
  2. Wholly Holy (Feat. Minister Yolanda Briggs-Johnson) (Live) 5:44
  3. Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Feat. Dejamion) (Live) 6:19
  4. Almost Midnight (Feat. Donna "Sissy" Williams) (Live) 7:00
  5. With My Whole Heart (Live) 5:37
  6. Change (Feat. Minister Yolanda Briggs-Johnson) (Live) 6:55
  7. Angels Watching Over Me (Feat. Bill Baylor) (Live) 7:48
  8. All Night, All Day (Feat. Dejamion) (Live) 4:06
  9. Jesus Christ Is The Way (Feat. Minister Yolanda Briggs-Johnson) (Live) 7:37
  10. I'm Going Away (Feat. Marsha Collins) (Live) 1:25
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