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Andy May

Albums by Andy May

Andy May Blackberry Jam
Andy May Cafe Americana
Andy May Dance Of Life (A Mandolin Celebration)
Andy May Endless Possibilities
Andy May Happy Hours
Andy May May Songs
Andy May Retroflections
Andy May The Yellow Haired Laddie

Andy May — The Yellow Haired Laddie

Released 5/6/2003
  1. King Of The Pipers/Phil's Favourite 2:53
  2. Rowley Burn/The Piper In The Well 3:13
  3. Peacock's March/The Drunken Parson/Rookland Lassies 4:35
  4. The Bonny Lass Of Bon Accord 4:01
  5. Piper's Song 4:21
  6. Da Slockit Light 3:18
  7. Go To Berwick Johnny/Dog Leap Stairs/Because He Was A Bonny Lad 3:11
  8. Bobby Shaftoe 2:47
  9. Blow The Wind Southerly/Sidlaw Hills 3:59
  10. Cheviot Lament 2:58
  11. The Golden Eagle/The Banks Hornpipe 3:20
  12. Roslyn Castle/The Mason's Apron 5:57
  13. Caller Herrin/Sir Sidney Smith's March 3:43
  14. Farewell To The Dene/The Spey In Spate/Billy Pigg's Hornpipe 4:28