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Denise Dill

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Denise Dill City Cemeteries
Denise Dill Denise Dill
Denise Dill Heartbeat Balloon

Denise Dill — Heartbeat Balloon

Released 1/1/2006
  1. Full Steam (This Train Is Made For Graffiti) 3:29
  2. Figurine (But I Can't Draw) 2:59
  3. Etymology (So Then...Make Up A Language Without Deadlines) 4:42
  4. Biomimicry (But First, Turn Off The Screens Because They Hypnoti 3:42
  5. Fiction (I'm Not Joking) 3:11
  6. Let It Go (If You Repeat It Enough It Might Happen) 3:20
  7. Lighten Up (This Is Serious) 1:44
  8. Repossess (Don't Be So Possessive) 2:09
  9. Abandoned Houses (Remember, Home Is Where The Heart ) 2:05
  10. Topography (Where's Home? I'm Horrible With Directions) 3:47
  11. Techtonic Plates (There's A Madness To This Method) 4:43
  12. Alchemy (Its A Story About A Chemist Who Doesn't Like Chemicals) 2:51
  13. Labyrinth (And It's Dedicated To David Bowie) 3:04
  14. Stratosphere (I Wrote It On Helium) 3:15
  15. Radiotelescope (So That I Can See What You See...Only Better) 2:01
  16. Evaporate (But I Fell Too Fast) 2:36
  17. Moth (If Only I Were An Insect...) 2:52
Denise Dill Heavy Joi