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Ann Mortifee

Albums by Ann Mortifee

Ann Mortifee Baptism
Ann Mortifee Born to Live

Ann Mortifee — Born to Live

Released 4/19/2007
  1. Born to Live (Remastered Original) 3:08
  2. Never Ending Search (Remastered Original) 3:28
  3. The Eagle Will Rise Again (Remastered Original) 4:11
  4. Merlin (Remastered Original) 4:32
  5. Are You Lonely? (Remastered Original) 3:02
  6. The Jester (Remastered Original) 4:09
  7. Goodbye My Love (Remastered Original) 4:54
  8. The Companion - The Phoenix (Remastered Original) 9:32
Ann Mortifee Bright Encounter (Remixed)
Ann Mortifee Healing Journey
Ann Mortifee Into The Heart Of The Sangoma
Ann Mortifee Journey to Kairos