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Tranquility Bass

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Tranquility Bass Beep!!!

Tranquility Bass — Beep!!!

Released 11/27/2007
  1. La La La (Radio Edit) 3:36
  2. We All Want To Be Free (Live) 8:18
  3. La La La (Gimme Another One Of Thise Bong Breakin' Hippie Beats) 5:57
  4. We All Want To Be Free (The Skull Valley Dub) 6:21
  5. The Bird (Harvey Keitel Vs. The Creature Feature) 10:13
  6. We All Want To Be Free (We All Want An Uptempo Remix) 8:16
  7. La La La (The Skull Valley High Desert Funk Mix) 6:01
  8. We All Want To Be Free (Ultramarine Remix) 9:00
  9. La La La (Fatboy Slim Remix) 8:20
Tranquility Bass Let The Freak Flag Fly