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Dr. Dog

Albums by Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog Be The Void
Dr. Dog Be The Void (Deluxe Edition)
Dr. Dog B-Room [Deluxe Edition]
Dr. Dog Fate
Dr. Dog Shadow People (Single)

Dr. Dog — Shadow People (Single)

Released 2/16/2010
  1. Shadow People 4:13
Dr. Dog Shame Shame
Dr. Dog Shame Shame (Deluxe Edition)
Dr. Dog Shame Shame [Deluxe Version]
Dr. Dog Stranger (Single)

Dr. Dog — Stranger (Single)

Released 3/9/2010
  1. Stranger 3:43
Dr. Dog Takers And Leavers EP

Dr. Dog — Takers And Leavers EP

Released 9/12/2006
  1. Ain't It Strange 4:28
  2. Goner 4:16
  3. I've Just Got To Tell You 2:50
  4. Die, Die, Die 3:01
  5. California 3:08
  6. Livin' A Dream 5:47
Dr. Dog The Ark (Single)

Dr. Dog — The Ark (Single)

Released 6/24/2008
  1. The Ark 3:38
Dr. Dog The Truth

Dr. Dog — The Truth

Released 10/7/2013
  1. The Truth 4:26