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Steve George

Albums by Steve George

Steve George Dark Chocolate

Steve George — Dark Chocolate

Released 4/10/2013
  1. Dark Chocolate 3:00
Steve George Following Your Passion
Steve George Guitar Instrumentals

Steve George — Guitar Instrumentals

Released 12/1/2011
  1. I Will Get Through (Instrumental) 3:51
  2. I Can't Help To Wander (Instrumental) 2:58
  3. A Generation (Instrumental) 3:10
  4. Together For Too Long (Instrumental) 2:59
  5. Wearing Worn Out Clothes (Instrumental) 2:57
  6. I'm Gonna Tell On You (Instrumental) 2:08
  7. It's Only Time (Instrumental) 3:55
  8. Following Your Passion (Instrumental) 2:51
  9. Instantly (Instrumental) 2:18
  10. I Walk As Far As I Can (Instrumental) 3:33
Steve George Solo Road
Steve George Songs From The Bubble
Steve George Worn Out Clothes