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Albums by Winds

Winds Move Like This
Winds Prominence And Demise

Winds — Prominence And Demise

Released 9/4/2007
  1. Universal Creation Array 8:17
  2. Distorted Dimensions 4:33
  3. The Grand Design 6:19
  4. When The Dream Of Paradise Died 5:10
  5. Fall And Rise 7:17
  6. The Darkest Path 5:05
  7. Convictions And Contradictions 3:38
  8. Where The Cold Winds Blow 6:51
  9. The Last Line 8:09
Winds Reflections Of The I
Winds The Imaginary Direction Of Time
Winds W-Inds. -Bestracks-
Winds W-Inds. Single Collection "Best Eleven"