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Mad Sheer Khan

Albums by Mad Sheer Khan

Mad Sheer Khan 1001 Nights

Mad Sheer Khan — 1001 Nights

Released 3/21/2003
  1. Night Of Algeria: Algerian Sunrise (Instrumental) 5:31
  2. Night Of Gnawas: Gnawas Sunrise (Instrumental) 9:39
  3. Night Of Hebrews Hebrews Sunrise (Instrumental) 8:31
  4. Night Of Navajos: Native American Sunrise (Instrumental) 8:51
  5. Night Of Tibet: Tibetan Sunrise (Instrumental) 7:39
  6. Night Of India: Indian Sunrise (Instrumental) 11:14
  7. Night Of Persia: Persian Sunrise (Instrumental) 11:08