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Andy Cooney

Albums by Andy Cooney

Andy Cooney A Collection Of Irish Hits
Andy Cooney Best Of Andy Cooney - Treasury Of Irish Hits
Andy Cooney Boston Rose
Andy Cooney Irish Influence
Andy Cooney It'll Be Me
Andy Cooney Live In Concert
Andy Cooney One For The Ages
Andy Cooney The Definative Collection

Andy Cooney — The Definative Collection

Released 2/14/2012
  1. I Won't Turn My Back On You (Feat. The New York Tenors, Daniel Rodriguez & Michael Amante) 3:23
  2. Giant Land (Feat. Rte Concert Orchestra) 4:58
  3. The Way Dreams Are 3:52
  4. Rock N' Roll Kids (Feat. Catherine Coates) 3:23
  5. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore 3:58
  6. I Will Be Here 4:09
  7. Emigrant Eyes 4:50
  8. Dancing The Dublin Reel 3:47
  9. You Were Never Too Far From My Mind (Feat. Crystal Gayle) 4:42
  10. The Prodigal Son 3:38
  11. Pretty Amazing Grace (Feat. The Rte Concert Orchestra) 5:18
  12. A Woman Like That 3:55
  13. One For The Ages (Feat. Louise Morrissey) 3:22
  14. Martha 4:09
Andy Cooney The Magic Of Christmas
Andy Cooney The Prodigal Son